Hello again!

I am a research driven UX and Information Designer with a background in Architecture. I have previously lived and worked in India and Italy, where my roles have constantly shuffled between a user researcher, strategic designer, and interaction-designer.

An advocate for efficient, equitable, enjoyable products that not only consider the needs of the customers using it, but also of the business providing it. I enjoy building experiences, and services that simplify technology while connecting with the users to deliver effortlessly usable and useful products.

Together, let’s work towards building a better tomorrow, one cup of coffee at a time!


What I bring

A curious mindset and zest for learning and improving

I never shy away from asking questions, admitting mistakes and am always open to explorations and learning. There is always a better solution which is what I strive to explore.

A collaborative spirit with a sense of ownership

I enjoy working in cross-functional teams including managers, designers, engineers to create and deliver end-to-end solutions, while taking accountability of the product.

Research driven insights that balance business goals with people’s needs 

What’s good for people, is good for business. With a strong focus on research, I bring in stakeholders early and often and advocate for feasible, viable and desirable solutions.

Action driven approach with strong instincts and value for time

Working in agile set-ups has shaped me to work on tight deadlines, be strategic in prioritizing work commitments, work with constraints, adapt and evolve with diverse communities.

What my colleagues and mentors say

Anisha is an extremely talented, precise and relentless designer. Within our team she was able to quickly lead projects and deliver incredible, impactful work. Her contribution to several project in different fields allowed me to focus on my manager job rather then checking the output as I trusted her completely in both analyzing problems and bringing in solution as well as delivering the final output.

Alessandro SalaExperience Lead at Studio Volpi

Anisha is a very committed individual. She does all the duties quite diligently. Anisha invests time in planning and detailing and ensures that for all the projects she handles, success is guaranteed. She is a good team player and is a great motivation for her team. It was a pleasure working with her on multiple projects. I wish her a lot of success and good luck 🙂

Saurabh BhattBusiness HEad at Creativeland Digital Technologies

Anisha is a great teammate and a wonderful designer. I had the pleasure to work with her for more than a year on countless projects and her customer focus as well as her eye for the detail make her a well rounded creative to have in any team. She never flinched in front of tough challenges and always delivered great quality even when put under pressure. Anisha has been a fun and reliable person to work with, which made our time together a joyful and memorable.

Luca ToscanoUX Designer at Studio Volpi

Sipping And Spilling — My Sketchbook

When I am not working, I can be found exploring cute cafes or spilling coffee to paint over my white Ikea desk. I enjoy sketching using my paintbrush to re-create visuals and scenes from my experiences. 

What I do outside of work

I am always on the frontline of  trotting across the globe with an inquisitive cultural lens. Here’s a sneak peak into my life:

Thanks for stopping by! Let’s connect and see how we can work together.

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